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How To Use Exercise To Treat Anxiety And Panic Attacks

If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, chances are that you will be give an option of different treatments. These treatments may include anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication and therapy. There are pros and cons to all of these types of anxiety treatments. However, exercise is one of the best ways that you can help your anxiety naturally, without pills and other medications. Exercise is the "cure all" for just about everything. The reason exercise works so well is that it releases endorphins to the brain and gives your mind a boost of serotonin. This is the same way that many SSRIs work. Not only that, but exercise puts you in control of your body and is a proactive approach in treating your health. Most anxiety disorders all have one component in common - control. People who are worried about losing control are often those who are the most anxious. While most people accept the fact that control is not necessarily in their hands at all times, those with anxiety cannot accept this fact. They feel that they need control in order to function. The loss of control can send them into a tailspin that launches a full anxiety attack. While we cannot control everything that happens in our lives, we do have control when it comes to our bodies. And we can exercise. Exercise is the wonder cure. It helps alleviate anxiety by working out the stress that you are feeling as well as raising endorphins that send messages to your brain. What can be better than that? In the morning, you can perform cardiovascular exercises. This includes running, jogging, stair climbing and even elliptical workouts. Whatever you can do to get the old ticker working will do just fine when you are exercising to treat anxiety. This will not only help you mentally, but physically as well. It will burn off calories and keep your heart in good shape. But do not do cardiovascular exercises before you go to bed or else you may have a difficult time falling asleep. Prior to going to bed, you may incorporate some Pilates exercises or even some Yoga. These are stretching exercises that will relax you as well as keep you in good shape. You can be relaxed and feel ready for a good night's sleep when you are practicing these exercises at night. You do not have to attend Yoga classes to learn the moves and you do not have to contort your body into all sorts of impossible shapes. The main thing is that you learn how to stretch and relax. By exercises to treat anxiety and depression, you do not only boost your mood and relax your body, you give yourself something to concentrate on, instead of concentrating on yourself. An exercises routine will take away the troubles that you have in your mind and give you something else on which to focus. It truly is the cure all for anxiety and depression disorders. As the saying goes, healthy body, healthy mind. If you found this article helpful and would like to learn more then please do not hesitate to check out the following website for more helpful tips.

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Panic Attacks at School: A Growing Problem for Teenagers

Why Panic Attacks at School are a Problem Panic attacks at school usually come out of the blue. A teenager might be sitting in class, and suddenly she'll begin to experience shortness of breath, heart palpitations, nausea, and a feeling of choking. She may feel that something horrible and embarrassing is about to happen if she can't get out of the classroom immediately. But what is there to do? The most difficult thing about this situation is that she may not feel that she can go to her teacher with this problem. Particularly if she's experienced these attacks before, she knows that going to the school clinic won't accomplish anything. Maybe the only thing that would help would be to go outside and get fresh air, which is a problem because many schools simply would not allow her to do this during class time. And then there's the fact that, if she did go to her teacher with her problem, the teacher might not buy her story. Teachers, particularly high school teachers, are used to kids acting up and trying to find ways to skip out of class. This can make teachers reluctant to take kids seriously when it comes to things like panic attacks. Suffering in Secret Many children and teenagers simply don't understand that issues like panic attacks are serious psychological conditions that need treatment. They may feel that they are "bad" for having these problems, and when the potential of social stigmatization enters the picture, it becomes easy to understand why many teenagers keep their problem a secret. To make matters worse, some parents are equally uninformed about these issues. Like teachers, they may suspect that a child complaining about panic attacks at school probably has ulterior motives and is maybe just trying to get out of school. Teenagers will be aware of this communication barrier, which may lead them to suffer in secret. Panic Attacks at School Lead to Lifelong Problems When a teenager suffers these panic attacks in secret, she may develop an intense aversion to school. She may try to get out of school by faking an illness, cutting class, or hiding. In some cases, she'll do anything but admit that she has panic attacks. And if parents catch on to her behavior, they may interpret it as laziness or rebelliousness. All of these things can lead to a situation where a teenager's education suffers, she doesn't get the treatment she needs, and her relationship with her parents may become tense. And perhaps the worst part is that her panic disorder goes untreated, which can have devastating consequences. In the immediate future, her problem may cause her to act out in increasingly serious ways. In the distant future, she may develop more serious panic attacks in adulthood. Treating panic attacks in teenagers can be very similar to treatment for adults. The main focus is to break the cycle of fear that causes attacks to happen again and again. This can be done without medication, but it usually requires parental support.

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