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Boost Your Website Traffic with Google

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Now you can put your AD on any Web Site

What you need to run a website ?

Boost Your Website Traffic with Google

Boost Your Website Traffic with Google’s Webmaster Tools

As a website owner, one of your top priorities is going to be getting your site indexed and ranked by Google. People perform over 235 million searches a day with Google,

so the potential to receive significant traffic from this search engine should be enough for you to invest the time to make sure it’s done right.

Google wants to fill its index with quality, error free websites that are beneficial and targeted to their searchers. Enter Google’s Webmaster Central Tools ….. . If you’ve never heard of it, it’s Google’s way of helping you with your website’s indexing. Not too long ago, it went through a redesign and upgrade process which made it more useful and easier to use than ever.

First thing you’ll need to sign in with is a Google account. Google requires an account to be able to use all of their free services, including Blogger and Analytics, so if you don’t have one, now’s the time to register.

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5 Things That Will Improve Your Web Site Traffic (Plus 1 to Avoid)

When social scientist Herbert Simon came up in 1971 with the concept later branded as “attention economics,” how could he have known that getting fly-by surfers to stop and pay attention would be the bane of existence for those of us cranking out content for one or another of the 135 million web sites that currently exist?

Getting information onto your site may be the easiest thing you have to tackle. How do you get people to pay attention?

The topic surfaced at a recent panel on writing about technology for consumers, co-hosted by Yahoo! and Media Bistro. The experts included journalists and editors from newspapers, magazines, web sites and television stations. In spite of the fact that the audience consisted of writers, editors and PR folks, the advice applies to anybody out to game the system to their advantage.

1. “Invent a meme, then write a book on that meme.” This from Wired’s Nancy Miller. That’s what happened for Nicole Stich, delicious days, and Penelope Trunk, Brazen Careerist.

2. “Becoming famous for something is going to be your answer,” according to Tom Abate, business reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle. “Become the most knowledgeable person on [a] subject and hope that fortune follows fame…”

3. Target women. “Women represent a new gold standard in the marketplace. In study after study, women bring a very different sensitivity to technology. If it’s new or cool, that’s not good enough. It has to be very usable.” This from Patrick Houston, VP of Content and Programming for Yahoo! Lifestyles.

4. “Community is integral.” Houston again. “If you wanted to distinguish yourself, become a gathering point around which a community will gather.”

5. “Be accurate.” This from Rusty Weston, founder of blog site My Global Career. Give scant thought to getting your facts right and your online standing will suffer a humiliating virtual bludgeoning that can besmirch your first life too.

6. Provide information people can’t find easily on Yahoo or Google. This from Janelle Wang, co-host of “The View from the Bay” on ABC7. “That will set us apart from other TV stations. We’re trying to be more specific that way — to build our reputation that way.” Understand your community well and be prepared to tackle a given topic from their unique perspective.

7. Get locked into a person’s “ritual.” Miller again “People are ritualized about the way they go to the Internet. How you get locked into that person’s ritual is up to you.” That frequently requires engaging them using — yes — entertainment. As Abate added, “Whenever I write a story today, [I ask myself] what is the image I’m going to attach to this story? If I can’t get a strong image… it won’t be effective.”

Have you figured out a unique way to get attention to your site?





Boost Website Traffic: 4 Nearly Free Tactics That Still Work

One of the great things about online marketing is how inexpensive it can be when done the right wat. In this article we will talk how to boost website traffic without spending a lot of money to do it. This is possible and these 4 methods have worked in the past and continue to work today.

1. Article marketing is a great way to increase traffic with a long term goal in mind. I say that because articles have a long shelf life.

When you write an article, and submit it to an article directory, it stays online for an unforeseeable amount of time. This means that people can read your article right away after you submit it, and they can find it in the archives down the road.

Because of the fresh content they provide search engines love articles. This helps you generate backlinks from your articles which can drive more search engine traffic.

One final point on article marketing is bloggers and ezines can pick your article up as well. This can give you a tremendous boost in traffic without you even realizing it.

2. Blogging is fun and can really give your traffic a bump if you do it properly. By correctly we mean writing blog articles with keywords in mind.

A targeted keyword phrase can bring readers to your blog as well as bring search engines to it. A high-traffic blog has earned that right because they provide excellent content on a continual basis. This leads to repeat visitors which are one of the least expensive types of visitors to create.

3. Use social networking sites to try nearly free advertising. There are many opportunities to advertise on social sites such as Facebook.

The key to this type of marketing is to understand what Facebook wants and then prvide it. Because of the hundreds of millions of members Facebook has, and the low cost of advertising on it, this is one of the best nearly free methods of promoting online today.

4. Viral marketing is often overlooked when it comes to website visitors. Your goal here is to create something that people will talk about which leads to free traffic as it spreads around the Internet.

A simple thing you can do is add a tell a friend link on your website or blog. This makes it very easy for your visitors to send people directly to you.

Other things you can do that create viral traffic are free reports, ebook marketing, email marketing, and much more. This doesn't cost you anything in terms of dollars and cents.

In summary these are 4 nearly free methods that you can use to boost website traffic. These all work if you will implement them into your marketing mix.

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How to Increase Website Traffic - wikiHow

How to Increase Website Traffic - wikiHow

How to Increase Website Traffic for Free - wikiHow

How to Increase Website Traffic for Free - wikiHow

How to Boost Web Site Traffic Using Only Proven Free Techniques

How to Boost Web Site Traffic Using Only Proven Free Techniques

Getting Free Traffic From Google & Yahoo

Google and Yahoo! are the most used search engines on the Internet with about 35% of all Internet searches run on one or the other. That's about 70% of all Internet traffic from just two search engines. Actually it's more than 80% when you consider Google's affiliation with AOL, Netscape, and others.

Recently there have been major changes on both these engines. Many sites with top placements have lost their positions while others have achieved top positions on both engines without doing anything.

You can take advantage of these changes and get more traffic from both free.

Recent Changes at Google & Yahoo!

Google recently changed their page ranking system for search results. These changes have far reaching ramifications for your website. The quality and ranking of the pages you link to and those that link to you now matter more than ever.

Previously, Yahoo! would display its own directory listings first, before displaying Google's web listings. Now Google and Yahoo's! results are displayed together on one results page, in a simpler display.

Submission to Google is free, while submission to Yahoo! costs $299.00 PER YEAR, just to be considered for inclusion. Yahoo! only includes websites it considers unique in content. About half the websites that pay for inclusion don't even get listed.

A Yahoo! listing used to have a great deal of value for unique websites but now every listing will be competing with the entire Google database. Now, if you have a page that ranks high in Google, you'll be getting the same listing in Yahoo!'s web results free.

Following are some pointers on exactly how you might take advantage of these changes.

A Simple Google Placement Strategy

Simply put, your Yahoo! ranking is now determined by your Google ranking. If your site is doing well in Yahoo!, It now must also do well in Google also. Your Yahoo! strategy IS now your Google strategy. This makes your website optimization easier and more productive.

The Internet's purpose is to make in-demand information available, and a search engine's job is to provide the highest quality, most relevant information in its search results. Pages with the highest quality content will always rank higher in Google.

So getting good ranking in Google has always involved getting as many high quality links to your site as possible. It's even more important now. It's also important to make sure that your outgoing links take your visitors to high quality pages.

The Google Search Toolbar

Google has released a search toolbar for Internet Explorer. This toolbar provides you an insider's method to determine and boost your ranking while helping Google (and Yahoo!) deliver more relevant results.

You can install it from the following URL


After you install the toolbar, click on the Google icon on the left and choose TOOLBAR OPTIONS. Make sure you have enabled the ADVANCED OPTIONS so you get a display of the actual page ranking of any pages you search.

Look for a headline that says "PAGE INFORMATION" and check to "INCLUDE VOTING BUTTONS" on your toolbar. You will see new smiley and frowning face icons on your toolbar. These are important, as you can send an instant ranking suggestion to Google for relevant keywords used in the search results generated by Google.

Near the bottom of that page you will see "EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES" click on the text link to customize these features. There is a feature here that disables exit popups in your browser.

Google Optimization & Submission Process

The first step is to optimize the quality of your page for Google. Check your rank in the toolbar, any pages you link to should rank as high as or higher than your own page. Your rankings will improve over time.

Don't bother requesting links from low quality link pages because just a few links from high ranking pages can have a much greater positive effect on your ranking in Google than 1,000's of poor quality links.

Include a menu of links to your other important pages within your own website on each page. This will help build your link popularity ranking within your own website.

Work on obtaining links from high-value sites that are related to the theme of your site. When Google finds these links, your rankings will improve.

Include links to other relevant high quality, high ranking sites where your visitors can find quality related information and suggest that they link to you in return. Explain how your ranking can boost their page rank even higher. Soon you'll see how a few high ranking links can make all the difference in the ranking of your pages.

Last submit your page to Google


Google will schedule your page for spidering and the Google-bot will examine and index your page, as well as the links to and from your page. Submit each page separately as you optimize them. Google's robots will find all your pages eventually, and some experts feel it's even better for your ranking if they are found than if submitted.

Developing Your Yahoo! Strategy

Yahoo! will only display one result from one domain in its directory results for any keyword. If you have not paid to have a SPECIFIC page included in Yahoo!, the page will not be shown in the Yahoo! directory. For websites in highly competitive niches a Yahoo! evaluation may not be productive enough to justify the cost.

Yahoo! doesn't search its own index for keywords anymore. There is no longer any need to pay for a listing in Yahoo! IF you already rank well in Google.

So why would you even consider purchasing a Yahoo! evaluation?

A Yahoo! listing can help boost your Google ranking. If you don't already have a good ranking in Google, and you have a quality and unique commercial website, a listing at Yahoo! could make a huge difference. If you don't have a page rank before you get into Yahoo! you will get one soon because Google will know you are listed in Yahoo!.

A Yahoo! listing, will not only bring you more traffic from Google, it will bring you traffic from the Yahoo! directory listings as well. In addition, since Google often displays multiple listings for one domain. A Yahoo! listing may actually help generate multiple pages from your domain in Google's results.

A neglected backdoor to getting a free Yahoo! listing is to create a content based non-commercial website on a separate domain which Yahoo! will consider for inclusion free. It's cheaper to obtain an additional domain than to pay for a commercial listing in Yahoo!.

Use your non-commercial website to help drive traffic to your commercial website where you actually sell your product or service. Some experts feel it's better to wait until you actually get listed in Yahoo! before you add a link to your commercial website.

If you can afford it, a Yahoo! listing pays off in the long run for most businesses. Just make sure you understand that the $299 listing fee does NOT guarantee that your site will be included.

Getting Listed in Yahoo!

Actually obtaining a listing in Yahoo! is not easy or automatic.

Before you decide to purchase a Yahoo! evaluation I would suggest purchasing the ebook. "Getting listed in Yahoo!" is all about delivering to Yahoo! what they are looking for. The $17 cost is well worth it when you consider the $299 Yahoo! submission fee.

In Summary

Getting high quality free-targeted traffic from Google and Yahoo! can be a daunting task, but for many of us it's the only affordable method to get traffic. That's why there are SO many books written about search engine optimization. If it was easy, anyone could do it. The top listings go to the top optimizers and to the highest quality websites, which is as it should be.

Success in the search engines is about providing unique and compelling content related to your product, service, or solution in order to earn your visitor's confidence and credibility, BEFORE you ask for the sale.


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10 Ways to Get Traffic for Free

1Optimize your site for search engines.

Search engines have always been a major way to get traffic for free. That is why you need to do your homework and optimize your site so that it ranks well for the keywords you target. SEO is still the most powerful way to get traffic for free and you really need to invest some time and efforts in the optimization of your site. SEO is not that difficult and if you want to get familiar with it in a nutshell, check our SEO Tutorial. If you are too busy for that, you can start with the 15 Minute SEO article.

2Frequently update the contents of your site. .

If you expected some shocking secrets revealed, you might be a bit disappointed. One of the first steps in getting traffic for free is trivial but vital – get great content and frequently update it. In terms of SEO, content is king. If your content is good and frequently updated you will not only build a loyal audience of recurring visitors, who will often come to see what is new, but search engines will also love your site.

3Take advantage of social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites (especially the most popular among them) are another powerful way to get traffic for free. If you want to learn how to do it, check the How to get Traffic from Social Bookmarking sites article, where we have explained what to do if you want to get free traffic from sites such as Digg, Delicious, etc.

4Use your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Social networks are also a way to get traffic for free. If you are popular on networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, the traffic you get from there can easily surpass the traffic from Google and the other search engines. It is true that building a large network of targeted followers on Twitter and supporters on Facebook takes a lot of time and effort but generally the result is worth.

5Get links with other sites in your niche.

Another way to get traffic for free is from other sites in your niche. Getting links with other sites in your niche is also good for SEO, especially if you manage to get links without the famous nofollow attribute. But even if the links are nofollow (i.e. they are useless for SEO), they still help to get traffic to your site. If you manage to put your link in a visible place on a site with high volumes of traffic, you can get thousands of hits from this link alone. If you need list of sites within your niche where you could get backlinks from, check the Backlink Builder tool. However, be careful if you exchange links because linking to bad neighbors can do you a lot of harm.

6 Use any chance to promote your site for free.

Free promotion is always welcome, so don't neglect it. There are many ways to promote your site for free and some of the most popular ones include free classified ads, submissions to directories, inclusion in various listings, etc. It is true that not all free ways to promote your site work well but if you select the right places to promote your site for free, this can also result in tons of traffic.

7Create a free product or service.

Content drives most traffic when you offer something useful. There are many types of useful content you can create and they largely depend on the niche of your site. You can have articles with tons of advice, or short tips but one of the most powerful ways to get traffic is to create a free product or service. When this product or service gets popular and people start visiting your site, chances are that they will visit the other sections of the site as well.

8Use viral content.

Free products and services are great for getting free traffic to your site and one of the best varieties in this aspect is viral content. Viral content is called so because it distributes like a virus – i.e. when users like your content, they send it to their friends, post it on various sites, and promote it for free in many different ways. Viral content distributes on its own and your only task is to create it and submit it to a couple of popular sites. After that users pick it and distribute it for you. Viral content can be a hot video or a presentation but it can also be a good old article or an image.

9Use offline promotion.

Offline promotion is frequently forgotten but it is also a way to get traffic for free. Yes, computers are everywhere and many people spend more time online than offline but still life hasn't moved completely on the Web. Offline promotion is also very powerful and if you know how to use it, this can also bring you many visitors. Some of the traditional offline ways to promote your site include printing its URL on your company's business cards and souvenirs or sticking it on your company vehicles. You can also start selling T-shirts and other merchandise with your logo and this way make your brand more popular.

10Include your URL in your signature.

URLs in forum signatures are also a way to get traffic for free. There are forums, which get millions of visitors a day and if you are a popular user on such a forum, you can use this to get traffic to your site. When you post on forums and people like your posts, they tend to click the link to your site on your signature to learn more about you. In rare cases you might be able to post a deep link (i.e. a link to an internal page of the site) rather than a link to your homepage and this is also a way to focus attention to a particular page. Unfortunately, deep links are rarely allowed.

Getting traffic for free is a vast topic and it is not possible to list all the ways to do it. However, if you know the most important ways – i.e. the ways we discussed in this article and you apply them properly, it is guaranteed that you will be able to get lots of traffic for free.

How to Auto-Submit to 27 Social BookMarking Sites

You just wrote the perfect article, blog, or other online content. Now you need to get people to read it! Most writers know that submitting to Social Bookmarking sites will help drive traffic to your site, but this is extremely time-consuming. There is a service that allows you to submit to 27 Social Bookmarking sites automatically in less than a minute! Learn how!

Difficulty: EasyInstructions

Step 1Go to OnlyWire 2.0 by visiting the Resources section of this article.

Step 2Click on "Overview" to learn about the OnlyWire service. Here you will see the 27 social bookmarking sites that OnlyWire will submit your site to automatically.

Step 3Visit the Pricing section of the OnlyWire site. You have a choice of either using the "Pay" version, or the "Promote" version. If you choose the "pay" version, you will be charged a very nominal fee of just $2.99 per month to use their auto-submit service. You can also choose the yearly fee of $24.99. If you choose the annual membership, you will save a little over $10 per year. If you choose the "promote" version, you can use the service free by adding their "Bookmark and Share" button to your website or blog. It is your choice, and you can always change your preference at a later time if you would like.

Step 4Once you have decided which method you want to use, click on "Sign Up."

You will be asked to create your account by choosing a User Name and password, as well as entering a valid email address. You will then need to select your Plan (pay or promote). Now agree to the terms and conditions and click on "Start OnlyWire."

Step 5You will now need to install the OnlyWire Browsing Button to your computer. Once you do this, you will be able to submit to the top ranked social bookmarking sites automatically by simply clicking on the button you installed. Follow the step-by-step instructions you will be provided.

Step 6You will be asked to enter all of your user names and passwords for the social bookmarking sites OnlyWire submits to. If you are not currently a member of any of the social bookmarking sites, set up those accounts as soon as possible. If you do not, OnlyWire will not be able to submit your content to them. Once you have set up the individual accounts with each of the bookmarking sites, go back to OnlyWire and log in to your account. Click on "Set up Your Bookmarking Sites." You can now add your usernames and passwords for each of the sites you wish to utilize.

Step 7Once you have entered all of the information for each individual social bookmarking sites, be sure to click "Save My Logins." This will take some time, but it will be time well spent and you only have to go through this process once.

Step 8Now that you have installed the OnlyWire Browsing Button and set up your social bookmarking accounts, you are ready to begin using the auto-submit service.

Step 9You will now notice that you now have a "Bookmark & Share" button located on your toolbar. Once you have published an eHow article, click on "Go To Article." Make sure that your article is displayed on the page. If it is, click on the Bookmark & Share button.

Step 10At the top of the page, an OnlyWire screen will appear. You will see that the Title and URL will already be populated. You can enter "tags" if you desire. Once you have entered your desired tag words, click on "Bookmark" page. You will receive a message that states, "Bookmark Saved. Please allow up to 5 minutes for bookmarks to appear on your target sites." Congratulations! That is all you have to do. Your information will now be submitted automatically to up to 27 social bookmarking sites.