Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've Purchased A Domain Name And Want To Start An Internet Business - What Do I Do Next?

After the first initial step is taken by deciding to start an internet business and purchasing a domain name. Then you must decide whether to build your own site or contract with one of the many site building companies available on the internet. Your website design should be carefully planned and match the type of good or services you will be supplying. Is your site an e-commerce site or just an informational site or just a web page to promote a simple idea or club. Developing a proper site is important to have it search engine friendly, optimized with proper keywords, meta tags and content that spiders can crawl without having broken links or not being able to navigate your site. This aspect of your site design is very important so once you get web traffic your guest can navigate the site easily to discover what you are promoting and hopefully close the sale.

Second after you have a site in place the next most important thing is to market the site. This can be achieved by many different ways. There are many free techniques to generate traffic such as article distribution, writing a press release announcing your opening, doing link building by contacting other sites to get links to you for web visitors. There are also pay per click to get web visitors, buying web traffic, buying links to your site and many other very costly options available to you. If you follow the first option of free traffic techniques you will get lots of free traffic, but it does take time and energy nothing good comes free or easy. But hard work and persistence will pay off.

The free traffic options are the best and will work over time and will gradually help to obtain more site visitors, higher page ranking for site, more sites wanting to link to you which increases your presence on the net. Next article distribution is very important to get your name out there and make a presence on the net. If you write about things you have a passion for and become the residence expert in that field people will flock to you for advice and your knowledge. This increases your credibility and will help your ranking by having many people, publishers or other sites who want to be affiliated with you.

There are many free techniques which will help to accomplish your goal of increased traffic and future revenues for you. Most of these tactics do take time they are not instant fixes, which you should be aware of anyone promising over night success. If you follow the steps laid out here you will get traffic and your website will flourish, but be patient and don't expect over night results. A carefully planned campaign with set goals to be follow will result in a successful enterprises.
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