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Attention: If you would like to get your Web pages to the top of search results (with very little effort), this letter is for you...

"Discover An Amazing 'Technology' That Will Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors And Increase Your Rankings... GUARANTEED!"

RSS Equalizer is the most important tool you need to get more pages listed in the search engines. Having been one of the first people to utilize RSS Equalizer, I was really excited to see the results.

It was nothing less than AMAZING!

The number of times the search engines hit my sites, have TRIPLED in just a few short days. I can't say what this means... IT'S AWESOME!

This is the tool you need to help you get targeted traffic and get the search engines to wake up and take notice of your sites. Nothing else compares!

Armand Morin

Date: October 13, 2009
From: Jeff Alderson

Dear Friend,

If you've been on the Internet for more than a few minutes, you're most likely aware of just how difficult it is to achieve top search engine rank. And just as likely, you've probably come up against the same old brick wall...

Are you tired of having to write all your own web page content?

Has the task of creating keyword-rich pages become unbearable?

Have you grown frustrated over all the conflicting "expert" SEO advice?

Is your current traffic-generating method failing to bring in maximum results?

Do you wish there was an easier method of getting high page rank?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, you need to listen up because...

There's ONE major factor that will not only alleviate each of those problems listed above, it will practically "guarantee" top search engine page rank.

And what exactly is this miraculous little jewel? Three simple words...

Really Simple Syndication. Or, as we in the "business" commonly refer to it... RSS. And in case you're not already familiar with RSS, here's a brief rundown...

The Functional Side Of RSS

By definition, RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing things like news headlines and other web page content. But the bottom line is, RSS is simply a popular and convenient method of sharing content between websites.

You see, regardless of what topic or subject matter you've built your website around, there's valuable content out there... articles and information written by some "expert" in that particular field.

And since that kind of content already exists - AND a large portion of it is available through the magic of RSS feed capability - YOU don't have to create the content yourself.

So how does that help you when it comes to getting top search engine page rank? Glad you asked...

The Powerful "Fun" Side of RSS

Imagine this... you've created dozens (if not hundreds or even thousands) of pages for your website. And each one of them has been carefully crafted - through the use of keyword optimization - to gain you the highest possible page rank.

And let's say for the moment that you actually GET the highest possible page rank for a good portion of your carefully crafted web pages. The problem that still remains is this... getting good page rank and KEEPING good page rank are two entirely different animals.

Of course, if you can't even get good page rank to begin with, you're facing an ever greater uphill battle. But that's all about to change.

Now you can GAIN top page rank and KEEP top page rank, all at the same time. How? With one incredibly "intelligent" webmaster tool.

Using RSS Equalizer with Traffic Equalizer is a dream come true. I now have thousands of pages filled with 100% fresh and constantly-updating content!

Plus Googlebot has already come to spider my website much more often since I began using RSS Equalizer... And it's only been a few days.

For anyone looking to increase their rankings in the search engines RSS Equalizer is the ONLY choice! Thank you for another brilliant product Jeff.

William Shi

I've been racking my brain for weeks trying to figure out where I would find the time to write hundreds of articles so I could compete with the big dogs online.

You've easily saved me hundreds of hours of research, writing, and editing with RSS Equalizer!

I can't thank you enough for your foresight and ingenuity.

Now I can concentrate on loading my site with keyword rich gold nuggets and turning my efforts towards marketing and profiting from my site.

Lewi Glenis

Put RSS Equalizer To Work For You!

As a webmaster, you've got more than enough work to do. So why spend even more time writing fresh new web content?

Starting right now, YOUR website could be displaying quality theme-based content... automatically!

It's fast, it's easy, and most importantly, you'll be offering your viewers valuable content that's highly relevant to what you're promoting.

And the best part of all?

You'll be serving up great content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... WITHOUT having to lift a finger.

So what exactly is RSS Equalizer? It's a server side script that allows you to add fully dynamic RSS feeds to your web pages.

We're talking instant theme-based content, the kind that search engines like Google absolutely love! And because the content changes each and every day, you can count on receiving more frequent visits from search engine spiders! The result? Faster indexing and higher page rank!


AND, if you happen to be using Traffic Equalizer, you'll be happy to know that RSS Equalizer has been specially designed to work seamlessly with any and all Traffic Equalizer pages!

Not only that but the pages remain HTML format. There's absolutely NO javascript involved. Plus, the pages automatically update whenever the RSS feeds are updated!

That means you'll be able to automatically serve fresh new content on a regular basis. And believe me, search engines LOVE fresh new content. Which is directly responsible for what you originally sought to achieve... getting and KEEPING good page rank!

Oh... Did I mention that RSS Equalizer also includes it's own income source! :)

On every page, right below the RSS results, there's a link that can be customized for YOU personally - to generate funds every time someone purchases RSS Equalizer through that link!

All you have to do is log in to the administration section of RSS Equalizer and enter your ClickBank nickname. Once that's implemented, you'll have the ability to earn commissions without any extra work on your part!

Not only is RSS Equalizer easy to install and use (your instructions are crystal clear), but I also have another stream of revenue for all of my websites!

The built-in keyword tracking is super cool too! I have well over 20,000 Traffic Equalizer pages and was never quite sure which ones were actually making me money (until now).

Thanks for another KILLER tool! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. :-)

Jon Atwood

Built-In Keyword Tracking Tells You EXACTLY How
Many Visitors Each Of Your Pages Are Generating!

I have to admit... there's one big "pain" involved with using my Traffic Equalizer software. It's the fact that you have no way of know which of those pages are receiving traffic - and if they are, how MUCH traffic is being generated.

Well, that's no longer a problem because RSS Equalizer has advanced keyword tracking built right in. That means you'll know exactly which keywords (pages) are generating traffic.

No doubt about... RSS Equalizer offers some powerful benefits:

allows you to add fully dynamic theme-related content to your web pages

can be easily included on all your Traffic Equalizer pages

use it on ANY website (even if you don't own Traffic Equalizer)

there is no javascript involved - your pages remain in HTML format

pages are automatically updated whenever RSS feeds are updated

frequent content changes equates to more visits from search engine spiders

having quality fresh new content gets your web pages indexed faster

gives you a lucrative and effortless income source through ClickBank

has advanced keyword tracking built right in for traffic analysis

easily add unlimited RSS feeds for maximum flexibility

build groups of RSS feeds that will act as a single RSS feed

caching of RSS feeds greatly reduces your bandwidth

use multiple instances of RSS Equalizer on any Web page

rotate unlimited RSS feeds to avoid stale content

The bottom line is... if you're not using RSS Equalizer, you're only working at a fraction of your maximum SEO capacity. AND, at the very least, you're minimizing your chances of not only getting top search engine page rank but KEEPING it as well.

Believe me... once you implement the power of RSS Equalizer, you'll be able to sit back and relax, confident that regularly updated content will "automatically" put YOUR pages at the top of search engine results!

RSS Equalizer is the most incredible tool available for bringing massive traffic to your website.

My website had a consistent 3.6% click thru prior to installing this tool. Within 24 hours after installing RSS Equalizer, my click thru rate zoomed to 14.4% increasing my sales by 92%!

Don't even think about it - just grab a copy. Then sit back and enjoy the results!

Susan Gilbert

I can't begin to tell you how much RSS Equalizer rocks! This is absolutely the perfect addition to ANY website.

It's awesome how all of my websites can have completely up-to-date content, everyday, without me lifting a finger.

It's also nice to have Googlebot visit so much!

RSS Equalizer is going to pay for itself over and over again. Thanks a bunch Jeff! Once again, you've proven that you're a genius.

Anik Singal

What Would It Be Worth To Have A Constant Stream
Of Automatically Updated Theme-Based Content?

Personally, I'm not even sure it's possible to put a price on something THAT valuable.

And NOW, there's a product that gives ANYONE with ANY type of website or product the ability to easily add content to their web pages. That means you'll be satisfying viewers AND the search engines... giving them both something they love!

Of course, no matter how difficult the task - no matter how valuable this type of automatic content feed might be - I HAD to come up with what I considered a fair and affordable price tag.

So here's the deal...

If you purchase RSS Equalizer right now - I'm prepared to let you have it at a low price of only $77!

But wait...

I'm ALSO willing to sweeten the deal by throwing in 3 KILLER Bonuses!

KILLER Bonuses...

1. Free Upgrades - There's nothing worse than buying scripts and constantly having to pay for upgrades! We hate wasting money on upgrades and you probably do too. We'll be sure to notify you each time we release a new version of RSS Equalizer and you won't have to pay a dime!

2. RSS Equalizer EZ - This is a PHP only version of our full RSS Equalizer script (which requires MySQL). Although it doesn't have as many features as the full version, it's much easier to install and use. Plus it's still robust enough for most users needs. Install takes less than 30 seconds!

3. Keyword List Cleaner - This extremely fast software cleans your keywords lists in under one second! It removes all blank spaces in any keyword list, any keyword phrase containing . ' , - & / www and keyword phrases longer than five words. Plus it removes duplicates and sorts alphabetically.

So what are you waiting for?

It's time for you to turn your dull ordinary web pages into something EXTRAORDINARY.

Get RSS Equalizer NOW!

You Can't Lose With Our Own Personal
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Because we're so confident you're going to love RSS Equalizer, we're willing to extend an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee. Order RSS Equalizer right now. Try it out and put it to the test! If you aren't completely satisfied, then we don't want your money. Simply contact us anytime within 60 days and we'll refund all of your money! Fair enough?

Click Here To Order Right Now!

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Get Your Copy Of "RSS Equalizer" Now For Only $77

You can download it right now -- even if it's 2:00 a.m.!


Jeff Alderson

P.S. This simple do-it-yourself method of providing fresh, constantly-updated content is the answer you (and everyone else on the Internet) has been desperately searching for. Get your copy of RSS Equalizer right now!

P.P.S. I'm so confident that RSS Equalizer will improve ANY websites rankings, I'm giving you my own personal it-works-or-you-don't-pay-a-dime money-back guarantee!

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