Friday, January 1, 2010

Easy Way to Boost Website Traffic

Written by Khalid Muneer

Website development is not an easy task but the most difficult task is to get traffic for your website. It is very tricky. Traffic could be transferred to your website from search engines line google, yahoo and bing etc. The traffic directed by search engine to your website is called organic traffic. It is difficult to get good position or rank against most visited keywords in search engine because competition is too hard and fast. Commonly it is easy to direct traffic from those websites or portals which already have good position and rank in search engine. These sites are called referring websites. The referring website must be most visited website which must be based on a unique idea. There are so many referring websites used for website promotion but here I am going to describe only those which are good in my experience and are capable to transfer tons of traffic to your website.

It is an online community in which people put their question regarding any area of life. Yes do not be confused it is an opportunity. Just do login by using yahoo user name and password. Answer the questions and put your website link below it. But keep in mind only answer those questions which are related to the topics discussed in your website. For example if your website has articles regarding website promotion then answer the questions regarding this topic in the advertisement category. If some one has same problem and he use any search engine for the answer then the answer given by you with your link will be displayed there. Remember you must have to answer correctly other wise you would be banned on this community.

It is an online social community. Its powerful features are its groups. Get connected with people having same interest as you and send updates of your website to them regularly. Join relevant groups and regularly post tips with your link. Always try to answer every message which has been send by a friend positively, and show them your loyalty and get the same in return. This community could help you in your website promotion campaign.

It is a social bookmarking service. Just create an account on digg and use it when you update your website with new article. To use digg you need the article title and its web address. Do login to digg and post your article link. It would be termed as a bookmark and would be considred as a valid back link of your website. Digg has a potential to transfer handsome traffic to your website on daily basis and would help you in your website promotion scenario.

It is an online lottery system but the reward here is the traffic for your website. Just submit your website link. After submission you would see the today’s winning page. If your link is a winning page then every visitor of web page lottery would be directed to your website. In website promotion background it is the easiest way to get traffic and totally depends upon the luck of your website.

It is a micro blogging service. You could send information containing one forty characters and each shared sentence is called tweet. On twitter try to increase your followers and its simple way to follow others. Regularly chat with your followers and try to establish a good relation which would help your in your website promotion campaign. Tweet for three times for each article you posted on your website with link. But your tweet must be attractive, so that it grab the user and the user will be directed to your website.

Wait it is not the end of website promotion. It is not enough for website promotion but if you follow my instructions then surely you would get heavy traffic for your website. If the age of your website is few months and it has maintained daily more than hundred visitors then it is a good symbol and if it is not the hurry up follow my above given instructions and also read other articles on this website regarding SEO Tips and Blog Promotion Tips.

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