Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Traffic to My Website

"Getting traffic to my website/increase online website traffic" is the most common problem faced by every website developer.If you are ready, so am I, ready with 7 (low cost and free of cost) ways to drag traffic to your site.Those are

1.Selecting Proper keywords

Keyword Selection is the first and foremost important thing. Most of the site builders make mistakes in selecting proper keywords. So many sites on the web with good content are not known by us because of the wrong keywords they have targeted. When you are selecting a keyword check the competition from the users and advertisers on that and decide yourself whether your content is unique to target that keyword. If you are correct here then i will promise for your success.

2. Link exchange with other sites

This is one of the good methods to get traffic to your site.Having back links is always an added advantage to a site. Go through the web and search for free link exchange programs like , etc., join them and start exchanging links with others. There are some methods which costs low do find them on web and make use of them.

3. Submitting articles to sites

Write articles with a unique content and submit them in several article sites like ezine,article city,article dash board, scribd etc., When you are submitting the articles to that site, select appropriate category and proper keywords in order to get better results.

4.Invest in good advertising with Search Engines

It is not a free method.After selecting keywords that you want to target, create a campaign which will create interest among users.Before placing these ads check the already existing bid on that keyword.According to that and your site content decide your bid.Place that campaign in Google's Adwords and Yahoo's Overture.Then you can get best results with low cost.

5. Do join forums and communities online

Search the web for forums and communities that are related to your website and join them. Tell them what your site is actually about and ask them to give suggestions to improve your site.Also start some kind of discussion and make them give a comment regarding that.

6. Making use of Viral marketing

The main advantage of viral marketing is that your site gets a lot of publicity and public awareness. Attach your site name to an interesting article or some funny video or game or some gossip. Only then most of the people will know that your site is existing.

7. Offer newsletters/Opt-in Builder

Provide people with interesting and informative list of contents of your site. Then more people will login to your news letters and they may recommend it to their friends . That is how your site network grows and will lead traffic to your website.

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