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Boost Website Traffic Placing Comments On Blogs

posted by Jamie Zoch in October 4th, 2009
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Nearly every "blog" has a comment section on posts they write daily but I am often surprised that many posts have very little to no comments left unless it is a very popular site.
Now I know a lot of people read every post that I write based on my stats. On average about 300-600 (can go up well over 1K for the day) people read each posting that I write the first day that it is posted. This number grows over time if I did my job right by providing helpful data and include keywords that people will use on search engines and that number grows daily by about 30-50 or more each day.
Now if you consider very popular sites like for an example, these view numbers are much higher for the most part. They get more comments but that is going to happen when you have a lot more reach and readers. TC also has a bunch of writers, where many domain sites / blogs, it is a one man / woman show.
So here is a little insider tip based on traffic stats that I see here on my blog.
If you post a helpful comment and include your URL just by your name when "signing in", people click that! The more helpful you are, the more likely readers are to visit your site because of your comment.
Now should you spam (drop a bunch of links "in" your comment or simply only talk about your site) while making your comment? No, people see that as annoying and it actually drives people away from clicking. Plus if you spam, it is likely the site owner will not approve your comment anyway.
Now I have seen this from Both Sides. I can see the people that post helpful comments related to the specific posting on my site and who gets real visitors to their site just because of the comment they left. On the flip side, I personally post comments on other sites and in my referring stats section, I can see the visits I get because of the comment I post.
Posting a comment can take about a minute or two, but it is really like free advertising and people really do click your URL.
Now in order to keep these visitors around when they do click, it clearly makes sense to have something useful where the user lands. If your bounce rate is pretty high, this should give you a good idea that you need to add some more helpful content or function to your site.
The more popular the site that you post on, the more likely you will get clicks if you post a comment. The more helpful you are in your comment, again, the more likely you will get some clicks out of it.
Be sure to "Subscribe To Comments" if the site offers it, because making more then one comment and staying in the loop of others that comment is again likely to raise your chance at getting free traffic if you post more then one comment.
Posting quality comments not only helps You but it also helps the site you like reading. This in return can help you as traffic grows and more people see the post / comments.
If you are "just a reader", you may consider joining in and start a conversation, add in your 2 cents or offer some added knowledge to the posting. The quicker you are to posting a comment, the more like you will get "more eyes" on your comment as well. Readers will see the #1 comment first and so on…
The next time you are reading a site, consider offering a comment of your own.
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