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How do I Draw Traffic to My Website-----Exchange Links!

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Share Exchanging Links with other Wesites and Blogs is growing in popularity. Linking has been shown to increase Traffic to these websites. It's simple, and Free!

Related videos Submitting to Blog Carnivals for Links and URL Shortener Review8:38By 5min Life VideopediaOf all the methods used to draw Traffic to your Website, Linking seems to be the one most talked about by people in the "Know". Linking can be a time consuming proccess, that depending on your methods used in your linking process, will give you a nice return for your time, or just alot of wasted effort. Though alot of Webmaster's have the view that "The More, The Better" is the best approach to linking, this is not always the correct answer. Linking takes time, and if not done correctly, is "Time Well Wasted". So---What's The Best Approach For You? Remember---everyone has their own opinion---Here's Mine.

What Is Linking?

There are Millions of Websites and Blogs, written and designed on every subject you can think of. These Sites all desire to be listed high in any search engine. There are several factors to consider when developing a strategy to increase your visibility. One of these is traffic----the popularity of your Site. There are several thought's on the best way to increase your traffic. One being--Linking. You have been to Sites and found a Link Page where the Webmaster of that Site has listed other Sites that he feels will have some value to you. When you click on his link, you are directed to another Site, sending Traffic from Him to You. Easy to see how this benefit's you. If the Site that has Linked to you draws a good deal of Traffic, there is a chance that some of that traffic will be redirected to you! However---A Site that has little traffic, will send little if any to you.

Who Should I Link To?

Here is where we get to the "More Is Better" opinion. Go to a Site that has two or three pages dedicated to Links---Where do you think you'll be listed--and how many people are going to read hunderds of links, just to find you?. Therefore your Link is useless---it draws no traffic.

Visit the Site, check out the Link Page, Look at the Sites content---is it relevent to you. People going to a Website dedicated to candles are not looking for a leather motorcycle jacket!!---However if their at a Site that sells products for a motorcycle, a jacket may be of interest to them.

Direct Linking:

You are asking someone to place a Link on their Website directed to you. This will prove to be the hardest method of receiving Links. You must find a Website you wish to Link to you. Once you have done that, contact the Webmaster, and ask him if he would be interested in Linking to you. I have placed Links on my Site directed to other Sites without asking for the return favor. Usually this is done for need of content, or your Site has a Great deal of information that the Webmaster feels would be of value to his viewers. Once you have contacted the Webmaster--Wait!!--He or She will either get around to you, or Delete your email. It is that Simple.

Link Swapping:

You Link to me, and I'll Link to you---we're both happy. There are several Link exchange Sites, with thousands of members of every subject looking to Swap Links. You join, pick the Sites you want to Link to, push the button and they receive your offer. Remember two things I said above--More is not always better--and target Websites related to your content. In your haste to grab your Links, remember---you want Links that can be of value to you, links that have traffic, links with relevence to your product, Links that you feel will be of interest to YOUR viewers. Even though you will be sending them to another Site, the content of that Site will reflect on your standing with them.

Well--Like I said---Everyone has an opinion, and now you have mine.

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