Sunday, November 8, 2009

Free Web Site Traffic Methods - Find Out How to Get Targeted Visitors For Free!

Do you want free website traffic to go to your site? Well read on and learn about two great ways to get free traffic and targeted visitors flooding your site today!
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - this is by far the most popular type of "traffic" that people think of when they think of internet traffic. This is also the most targeted traffic if you are doing niche marketing.
The reason behind this is because you can optimize your sites so that the only visitors who arrive at your sites are the ones who typed in the keywords you optimized your sites for! So if you have a site created and optimized for the words around "buying property", then people who arrive at your site through the search engines would be very likely to want to spend money on purchasing property because you have a site based around the keyword they just typed into the search engine!
SEO traffic will get you the most targeted visitor ever known on the face of this earth, because only qualified prospects will enter your site. These are people who willingly typed in the phrase that your site is about, so these people are very people that you want.
Article Marketing - This is where you get traffic through article directories. The most popular article directory on the internet is The way you generate traffic is by getting visitors who randomly browse around on the article directories clicking on a link you provide in your article that you submit to the article directory that leads to your site.
A lot of people also use articles as a quick way to rank for a keyword if there is low competition for that keyword. The reason for this because many of the article directories, such as are very strict and manually review each article that you submit to them. So that means if it is published generally speaking it should be of high quality and the search engines trust that sort of content a lot more.
One thing about article marketing is the fact that you should realize you are putting articles on a site that you do not own. That means should you do something against their terms of service you can lose your entire business! That's why I do not recommend that you put all your eggs in one basket and search for more ways to get free web site traffic. If you're looking for a step by step course that will teach you how to make money online through the use of videos. Then click on the link provided in the resource box below!
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