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Increase Traffic to your Blog with this MethodThere are so many ways to increase traffic to your blog. And in no order, they’re; Social Networks – StumbleUpon, Reddit,...
5 Ways to Boost Web TrafficWe all love traffic like we love parties. Seeing people come to your site gives you a sense of confidence...
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We all love traffic like we love parties. Seeing people come to your site gives you a sense of confidence that people are interested in your content. It’s a great boost to anyone’s ego when the traffic comes in droves.
I have been a web developer and web surfer since 1993, and I love web analytics. There are many ways to drive traffic to your site. The most effective ways are sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit, but there are others ways to bring more visitors to your blog and possibly convert some fans.
Newsletters (Est. 100 to 400 visits per day) – One of the most effective ways to drive traffic is from fans who have opted in to your newsletter. There are many sites that offer this service which allow you to manage users who opt in or opt out. They also provide a nice and easy user interface to write your newsletter. I have over 400 opted in users and I usually get a 20% open rate. That’s 80 visitors of which 10% submit my blogs to social networks. This can increase your traffic by more than 400% depending how interesting your content is. You should only send out your newsletter every two weeks, avoid over communicating or your open rate will decrease.
Forums (Est. 50 – 100 visits per day depending on the popularity) – I have read about how forums can be a great source in driving traffic, but it depends on how popular the forums are and how many users are on at any given time. Most forums allow you to have a signature and this is where you would put a link to your blog. You should only choose a forum that matches your expertise, and become a fan of the forum. Avoid the hit and run concept or you will look like a spammer. You should reply to other posts and build your post count.
Craigslist (Est. 50 – 75 visits per day) – Have a fresh blog to share? Head on over to Craigslist and post your blog that fits a category in the discussion forums. You should add your blog title to the subject line, add two sentences in the message body without giving up too much information and posting your link to read more. If your blogs fit in other categories, than post at least two.
Facebook (Est. 25 – 50 visits per day) – If you are a member of Facebook, you should submit your blogs by using the Facebook widget. There are many widgets for blogs such as Wordpress that include the Facebook widget. If you are active in Facebook and have more than 100 friends like I do, you will get a nice boost in traffic.
Yahoo Answers (Est. 25 – 50 visits per day) – There are many categories in Yahoo Answers that you can choose from. You should choose a category that you usually blog about and use your blog as a reference for an answer. I reply to at least 5 questions per day and have received more than 100 visits in one day.
As you can see by using the 5 ways to bring more visitors to your site, you can potentially receive from 250 to 675 visitors per day. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not, once you get started it will only take you 30 minutes per day.
We hope this will be a great resource on driving visitors to your blog.

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