Thursday, December 24, 2009


Traffic is the main key for any website or blog’s success story. But, it is not easy to get good traffic for new website or blogs. I have collected a list of methods that can be easily followed and you can see your website or blog traffic doubled or more within a week.

1. Submit Your Website To Directories

There are a lot of website or blog directories available online that don’t need a linkback from your site. If you targeting for geo-targeted traffic, let’s say UK traffics, you can search on Google using this syntax “ website directory” or any terms that you feel is right. Submit to as many directories as you can to get more exposure and backlinks.

2. Forums and Blogs

Create a username with your website in signature in forums that is related to your website or blog’s topic. Check for higher Alexa ranking for each forum that you joined. Help others and share vital information in your industry in these forums frequently and create a brand name of yourself. Comment on blog post that is related to your industry often with a backlink to your website or blog. The more you do this, the better your traffic will get. You can use the above syntax in google search to find forums and blogs in your industry easily.

3. Social Bookmarking

Register at least 20 top social bookmarking sites and bookmark your new blog post or newsfeed that is posted in your website. Try to use debating topics for your news or blog post to get instant huge traffic from social media channels.

4. Twitter and Facebook

Share your link in Twitter and Facebook to your friends and family members. The number of traffic you will get from this channel is depending on your active friends or followers network. It is good to build larger network to see good results from Twitter and Facebook. Personally, I get hundreds of visitors from Twitter alone for each new blog post.

I suggest you to:

- submit your website or blog to 30 directories

- engage in 10 different high Alexa ranking relevant forums daily with 5-10 forum post for each forum a day

- comment on 20 different related blog posts a day

- Register top alexa ranking social bookmarks like Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, etc and submit all your new blog post or news from your website. One submission a day will do.

- If you have more than 1 twitter account, use all your twitter account to get exposure for your new blog post or news page on your website.

Following the above method will get your website traffic boosted by double or more. If you have any other methods that can increase traffic, share it.

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