Friday, December 4, 2009

More Ways To Get Backlinks

Blog and Forum CommentingOne technique that webmasters use that can be a two edged sword is blog and forum commenting. The basic idea is to search on the web for blogs and/or forum websites that discuss topics relevant to your website. You can then comment on these blogs and post on these forums. This can be successful if you spend a large amount of time gaining the trust of other participants by providing only very useful and relevant comments. If you immediately go into sales mode, the other participants will avoid you like the plague and the blog owners will refuse to publish your comments. Too many webmasters fall into the trap of comment spamming, or uploading posts whose only purpose is to provide a backlink to their website Taking the blog spam approach to getting backlinks is a waste of your time.Web 2.0 Websites"Web 2.0" is the name often given to websites that have a social networking component. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Delicious, and so on generate most of their content from the site users themselves. You can indeed get some backlinks from some of these websites, such as StumbleUpon, Delicious, and other Social Bookmarking sites. The best way to do this is to go to the DigitalPoint Forums on Marketing Services and purchase these link building services there. But, like directory links, these links will only augment more substantial and reputable links from real websites. You can't have an entire linking strategy built around social bookmarking links.The other well-known Web 2.0 websites have varying degrees of usefulness for link building. Creating a lens on Squidoo is also a good idea, although this is more for the referral traffic than for the value of the link. If you are a person in your teens or twenties, a profile on Facebook and MySpace might be useful for social networking, although probably not for outgoing links. In these and other social networking sites, the most important thing to remember is that these sites were designed to foster community and non-commercial expression, not for commercial activity. These companies have become very aggressive in shutting down anyone who tries to engage in obvious link building efforts and/or advertising efforts. So for most people, it is not useful to consider these sites for any serious backlink building effort.Purchase LinksBecause backlinks are so valuable to webmasters and their SEO efforts, many websites that already have good pagerank will sell text links on their websites. Link brokers like and allow website link sellers to match up with websites that need links. The main problem with this approach is that the search engines (especially Google) hate it and are starting to seriously discount the practice. So it is perfectly possible for you to purchase a nice link on a pagerank 6 website (for a substantial amount of money) only to see no change at all in your pagerank or traffic because Google has paid no attention to that link. The problem is that the search engines can easily join these sites and view their link inventories to see which websites are selling individual links. They can then just discount links from these websites. Because the search engines are starting to come down on link broker sites, buying backlinks is no longer a viable strategy for the major portion of your link building efforts.Summary of the Traditional (Hard) ApproachSo as you can see, the traditional techniques for getting backlinks can take a great deal of time, effort and money to implement. Sending out hundreds or thousands of emails to other webmasters, posting on hundreds of forums, or writing article after article are all tasks that are about as tedious and time-consuming as one could imagine. Building links has become the most time consuming task that web business owners engage in. The onerous nature of the link building task is perhaps the main reason why website business owners fail to achieve their online objectives - the whole thing just becomes way too much effort. Furthermore, outsourcing the effort to someone on DigitalPoint Forums or similar places online can end up costing lots of money for only incremental returns. Do any of these traditional methods work? Yes, they do, if you put a sufficient amount of time and effort and money into them, and if you have a bit of luck. But the amount of effort required is so large that many webmasters end up saying "there has to be a better way to do this!"And now there is.

Getting Links The Easy Way: NeuroLinker
Intelligent Relevant Backlink Selection
NeuroLinker is a revolutionary software system that was designed to automate the process of getting relevant, one way backlinks to your website. I developed NeuroLinker over a period of about a year after I came across the backlink problem as a new webmaster myself. I realized that my strong technology background (PhD in Aerospace Engineering) and experience (25 years of experience in developing advanced algorithms and software systems) provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed to solve this huge problem. As part of my professional career, I spent about 8 years doing information retrieval research for a major software company in San Diego, and much of what I learned from this experience was directly applicable to solving this problem.So how does NeuroLinker solve the backlink problem? The NeuroLinker service allows a large number of webmasters to sign up and submit their websites to the system. NeuroLinker will then use advanced algorithms to examine all the websites of all the users in the system and match up websites that have similar content. For example, websites about cell phones will be matched up with other websites about cellphones and similar technologies, websites about doll clothes will be matched up with websites about doll houses, etc. NeuroLinker will then use additional algorithms to interlink these websites using all one way links, i.e., no two websites will have a reciprocal link to each other. The end result is that webmasters get an ever-growing set of relevant, one way backlinks to their websites.So how much effort does NeuroLinker require? Not much. When a website owner joins the system, all he must do is login to his NeuroLinker account on the web and enter some information about each of his websites. This information includes a brief description, up to 20 different sets of anchor text, and a title and header for the outgoing links page. Then he must create a link on his homepage to his new outgoing links page (not necessary if the outgoing links page already exists and already has a link from the homepage). Finally he must copy some simple code that the NeuroLinker system provides into the newly created link page. Once this is finished, the webmaster submits the website to NeuroLinker (just by pressing a Submit" button). As long as the website meets NeuroLinker's quality standards (must be a reasonable quality site, no gambling or hate or porn or spam, etc.) then NeuroLinker will approve the site (usually within a day or two). Once the site is approved, the links start building automatically with no additional effort required of the webmaster. That's right - once you submit your website and get it approved, you'll see your backlinks start to grow automatically with no additional effort.This is a true "fire-and-forget" solution to the backlink problem. It saves you a ton of time and money by making your biggest headache as a webmaster go away. Using NeuroLinker allows you to focus your energies on building your business and doing what you love rather than on the tedious task of building backlinks. The decision to use NeuroLinker is about as close to a "no brainer" as you'll find in running an online business.Check out the Neurolinker website to start getting Relevant Backlinks and to solve your website marketing problems.

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