Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quick Ways To Build Quality Backlinks And Get Targeted Traffic and Boost Website Traffic

There are various ways that to make quality backlinks and get targeted traffic. We can cover a few of them in no specific order and showing how to combine a few of them to create your targeted traffic quicker and build further backlinks that have quality.

Blog commenting – Finding blogs in your niche is fairly simple. Once you figure out your keywords for your niche just type them into google and you’ll be able to put together a list of high ranking blogs. Once you have your list you can start researching them. Keep in mind to browse through the post and answer honestly concerning what they’re saying in their post. Change your name out for your keywords and input your page URL not just your home page (http// to your post). This should bring you additional targeted traffic and providing you with a high Quality backlinks from a high PR site. This can work well on .gov and .edu site too.

Writing articles – Writing a smart quality article will bring you targeted traffic as well. Make certain you do your homework and write a top quality article to point out to your veiwers you know what you are talking about. If you want to get quality backlinks, prove yourself and others can link to you. Link building will help to boost website traffic.

Bookmarking – This may be time consuming however well worth the effort if done properly. Do not continuosly bookmark your own pages, it’s considered spamming and eventually they can ban you from there sites. Even worse they will ban your IP address. When done properly it will be a power method to gain backlinks plus boost targeted traffic.

Guest blog posting – There are various angles to look at for this technique, so I will touch on a few real quick. There are some things that I’d consider a guest blog post. If someone downloads an article to there blog, in essence just submiting an article may be a kind of a guest blog post. Any form of putting a post on another web site or blog word be an indirect way of a guest blog post. It does the job of providing you with a top quality backlink which in turn brings targeted traffic.

It will work well if you discover others that are inquisitive about having you as a guest. Search for different bloggers that are in the same type of niche that’s offering some thing close to what you’re offering.

Finding link partners – This goes along the lines of guest blog posting and blog commenting. You’d hunt for sites in the same manner, the sole real distinction is you are simply exchanging targeted backlinks. This works a little completely different everytime you exchange links. Someone with a high PR web site might wish a number of backlinks in exchange for one. That one link will be higher in quality and produce abundant a lot of targeted traffic.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) – Syndicating your posts is a newer form of obtaining backlinks. It will be one of the most powerful and easy ways in which to get several quality backlinks. Once set up all you have got to do is build a post on your blog and it is syndicated everywhere you have it hooked up to. Not only will it bring traffic targeted to your niche, it provides you that many a lot of top quality backlinks.

Video – Videos can also be syndicated and added to the same feeds as your blog posts. After you set up your youtube profile (or a profile at one of the tons of alternative video sharing sites) they ask for your website URL. Place the URL in your description as well. There are two top quality backlinks right there from a high PR site.

There are a number of ways in which to mix and match these techniques. All of them go together terribly well, now get out there and get some targeted traffic and get those guests to your site. These techniques will help to boost your website traffic.

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